Partials and Other Tiny Targets

IMG_0416After the last match I really started to focus on adding in more and more partial targets and small steel plates or poppers. I was trying to rush and race at the last match and it burned me a little bit with all the makeup shots on steel. It appeared to me that I was pulling off the target a tick too soon and with my sights not fully hitting where I thought they were compounded the issue. Not trying to make excuses about the equipment because it was more to blame on me. Continue reading Partials and Other Tiny Targets

Field Course Work

IMG_0378I spent most of Monday after the match reviewing my match video and the video that Tim took as well. Also took a good look at the scores and doing some math to figure out a few things. I have a personal goal of 80% A’s at a match and that was accomplished but I felt fast and looked fairly quick on Tim’s video (could be quicker) so why am I so slow on results. That is pretty easy to answer and that I can’t hit steel worth a crap and some of my positioning sucked making it difficult to shoot without readjusting. I can pull off many of my standing and shoot drills with ease but how often does a person stand and shoot in this sport if they want to be fast. Continue reading Field Course Work

Match Break Down

Boy did I have some rust to shake off. I went down to the match feeling good about my progress that I felt I made over the winter and left with a few things I need to work on. The match was good and had a lot of shooters that are somewhat better than what I normally compete against so it was good to see. However, I’m still slow on my movement and saw some glaring mistakes on a few things from Jake Spoons video. Stage planning needs some work and I need to find some areas to make up time. But lets get into it shall we. Continue reading Match Break Down

Omaha Bound!

I’m thinking I have everything I will be needing in my range bag for tomorrow. GoPro should be charged, gun and mags are bagged up and ready to go, 400 rounds of ammo case gauged and ready to go, and other miscellaneous things in my bag in case something breaks.Just gotta grab a few bottles of water and some snacks to throw into the bag in the morning before I meet Jon for the 4 hour trip.

The match is almost full and at this time there are a total of 29 shooters in Production. Continue reading Omaha Bound!

Gearing Up for the First Match of 2017!

Just realized that it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. I have been fairly busy with training, work, and family stuff and haven’t really been able to find the time. Last Friday I hit the range and shot A LOT of dots. Gun ran flawlessly so the repairs helped out. Didn’t dry-fire on Saturday and Sunday with family time on Saturday and then getting called into work at 5am on Sunday. Been working on a lot of match mode stuff this week gearing up for the match in Omaha on Sunday. Jon and I will be heading down bright and early on Sunday and then we will shoot the match and head back. I was originally going to drive myself but it will be good to be able to split the driving so neither of us get burnt out. Continue reading Gearing Up for the First Match of 2017!

Tried to be Productive


Today was Presidents Day so that meant I had the day off of work. I decided to get up and go to the range since I couldn’t go on Friday. I got there and got set up with a plan on doing about 4 different drills as a split session between the Production and Carry Optics guns. I started to blast away with the Production gun until I made it through my first set of mags and turned around to go fill them back up and saw another RSO out in the main room. After a brief conversation with him it was determined that he had invited some guests and I now had to share the range. We agreed I would use one target on lane 2 so I could have the table up so I could still draw and they would use the far other end of the range. Continue reading Tried to be Productive

On the Mend

Took some time off of dry-fire last week and finally got back to it on Sunday for about 20-minutes With the Carry Optics gun. I was curious how fast it would take for me to pick it up and switch from irons to a dot. Did a lot of 6-reload-6 variations including SHO and WHO. Only worked for about 20-minutes with no pain. The dot was really shaky to start but smoothed out fairly quick. My reloads sucked with the 140mm mags since I’m used to the slightly shorter mags on the Production gun. Continue reading On the Mend