Review on Progress

A while back I started this page as a way to document my dry-fire, live-fire and my match performance. Last week I was trying to write several posts and as I was saving them and even when I tried to post them it would delete all my text that was in there. After several tries I gave up and scrapped the page and decided to restart. When I did I lost all my old posts. I figured I figured I would use this opportunity to get everyone caught up.

I finished my first season in USPSA as a high C-class shooter. After that I decided to put the gun away for a couple of months before reviewing my goals and setting my plans for the 2016 season.

On November 17th I picked up my new gun and started to dry-fire again. I stated working out of Ben Stoegers “Dry-Fire Training: For the Practical Shooter” book. I started with the “Accurate but Slow” training program. I felt this was appropriate for me since in matches I could drill A’s all day long but I was SLOOOOOOOW. Over the course of the month I logged in several hours of dry-fire and saw much improvement. My par-times were dropping drastically week after week and my trigger control was pretty much spot on. My biggest issue I struggled with was my reloads. I was struggling hitting the ‘paddle’ for my H&K or if I hit that I was missing the tiny ass magwell.  As I neared the end I felt my time with that program was done. It was time well spent but started to bore me in the end.

In December I started the “Stuck in B-Class” program. This program seemed to be a better fit for what I felt was holding me back. It focused strongly on the USPSA core skills. my par-time continued to drop and were getting closer to the suggested times published in the book. My transitions continued to speed up and my reloads smoothed out a little bit. I also got a membership to the the Outdoor Adventure Center of South Dakota so I could try to reinforce my dry-fire with a little bit of live-fire. I saw great improvement and started to correct a slight preignition push that decided to come back after last season.

During the December training block I started to feel a twinge of pain in my left elbow so I took a break for about a week and a half. Its feeling good now and I went into my 3rd training block. It is again the “Stuck in B Class” program but I’m putting more of an emphasis on my one handed shooting.

Well this should at least give you a quick crash course into what i’ve been doing for training and get you ready to continue on with my new posts.


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