Training Update: 1/25 to 1/30

This week I got back to full-time dry-fire after taking a week off then going part-time for a week to let my elbow rest. I am taking another run at the “Stuck in B Class” program that has been pretty good to me so far. The program is solid to begin with and it allows for minor customization. I’m still focusing on 30 minutes a day and I’m feeling good about my ability. During this stretch of training I’m going to focus on my one handed shooting.

Monday I started with 90 degree transitions that had no shoots on the targets making it a little harder. Still need to work on loosening up my hips during my workouts to allow me to snap between targets with more speed and control. I have a slight tendency to over shoot the target on occasion and I need to tighten that up so I don’t break the 180. My reloads are sucking a little but still while trying to hit the release. Finding the magwell was not much of an issue its hitting the release. Hopefully, that starts to correct itself soon or I may need to reevaluate the VP9 as my competition platform. My one handed shooting was decent. Saw a lot of sight movement and was shaky as I was lining up the sights, which is to be expected since that is the focus of this training block.

Tuesdays drills were out of the Learning Drills section of the book and it allowed me an opportunity to break down my one hand drills into shorter micro components.

Wednesday and Thursday were much of the same as Monday. I am already starting to see the sights settle down and shaking is getting less.

Friday was moved to Saturday morning since I went to the range after work and ran out of time when I got home. The morning focused on Field Course Skills. I was running around my garage and enjoying the morning. My footwork in and out of positions is improving and I’m getting better at having the gun up and on target as I’m getting to my spot. Afternoon on Saturday was back to the Core skill and was much again like earlier in the week.

I did get to the range for one live-fire session this week. I bumped my distance out to 7 yards and again worked on short transitions and one handed shooting. My off-hand groups are tightening up nicely and all on paper. I didn’t shoot as many rounds for myself this session since I agreed to assist a new shooter. Overall a good week and back to it Monday.







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