Range trip 2/5

Last night after work I shot out to the range for a bit. I took some time shooting both my VP9 and my Glock 19. I worked on my strong and off hand shooting and I’m seeing improvement in both. Off hand is still a little sloppy at times and I find myself flinching. Strong hand I am not flinching near as much and my groups are looking much nicer and speed is picking up on them.

I thought I still may be flinching with my freestyle shooting since I see my shots going down just a little bit. However, after I shot my G19 and noticed my elevation on that was fine (just hitting a little left… sight issue, I checked.) I took a look at my zero at 20 yards and found that I am hitting consistently about an inch low. I did the math and now I should have a new front sight on the way.

Overall, I was happy with my shooting and my hits are grouping into a 2 1/2 to 3 inch group most of the time. My ability to track the sights is improving as well. I dumped about 400 rounds downrange and my supply is getting really low. I got to get on top of ordering my Dillon and the components to keep me going.


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