Dry-Fire Update: 2/1-2/6

This week I realized how much I talk to myself as I dry-fire. On Monday I got out the camcorder and stood front and center while I was dry-firing. My purpose of this was try and see where I can make tweaks or where I’m going wrong with my drills. The main thing I wanted to see was my reloads. I have been hit or miss on them since changing platforms and wanted to see if there was anything I could do before scrapping the gun and going to a Glock with a button. There are a few things from the video that I noticed. the biggest one being the amount I talk and comment on my repetitions.

As for the actual drills on Monday I didn’t get to see my reloads drill since the camera decided to be stubborn and not focus. I feel like I’m hitting my index points on my reloads but one of 2 things seem to go wrong. Don’t get me wrong when the stars align they align and they feel amazing. However, it is pretty consistent that I am messing them up so I will hopefully be able to get some good footage to diagnose the problem. The remainder of the drills looked decent. I have a quick draw and my turns on my El Prez look pretty smooth. My one handed shooting is getting better, I just need to work on tightening up my grip and getting a more consistent sight alignment at speed which I think will happen with a tighter grip.

Tuesday I didn’t get to record my session.Reloads started out decent but the wheels fell off quickly. I worked on a plate rack and Bill Drills which both went pretty good. I finished out Tuesdays session with one handed shooting. I’m seeing improvement in that area with every session and my transition to my off hand from the draw is feeling great and its pretty consistent.

On Wednesday I slowed things down a little bit and worked out of the learning drills section of the book. My draws were looking good and I had good sight pictures that remained steady through breaking the shot. My static reloads again sucked. I hit the first 2 smooth as silk. Then the wheels fell off. It started with me missing the release. Then I slowed it down and was hitting the release but missing the magwell.

Thursday saw much of the same. Doing good on my one handed shooting but reloads going to hell. From looking at the video it appears as if I’m hitting the same spot consistently whether or not they are smooth. Its just bouncing off the magwell or I’m missing the release.

Friday was a little bit of a fun day working on short course stuff in dry-fire. I worked on things like table starts and seated starts. I also hit the range for a bit and turned some money into noise working again with the strong hand off hand shooting. Learning that the sights on the VP9 are actually hitting a little low so I’m going to pick up a shorter front.

Saturday I worked on a little bit of distance and transitions just to stay fresh on them. I’m not overly concerned about them but I don’t want to ignore them completely, maybe I’ll build a little more speed in those areas as well. I spent the remainder of the day Saturday wearing me belt around the house and randomly working on doing the Burkett reloads in an effort to get over this hump.


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