Range Time!

This morning I got up headed to the garage and got my dry-fire session in before calling out to a local gun shop and having a slight communication error about powder. I at least was able to get some primers. After that I headed out to the range. My ammo supply is getting low so I didn’t get as much in as I wanted to. 

My primary focus today was trying to tighten up my groups at distance. I started out a little slow and started to pick up the speed quickly. My hits were good just low. My new front site showed up today so we will see if that helps next time. I did a few small transition drills on 3 small rectangles at 7 yards and worked on 1″ dots at 5 yards.

After that I got out my new old toy. I took my old Glock 22 and turned it into a quasi Limited gun. I got the magwell on it, oversize mag release, and got some TTI base pads thrown onto the mags. I figured I would see how that is shooting as well and if the mags have any issues. I did some distance shooting with it and then worked on 1″ dots. Once I got over the recoil anticipation I was drilling dots better than I was with the VP9. It is shooting to the dot in the fiber so I need to change that issue and the mag release may have to come off, since it is digging into my offhand and causing me to drop the mag when I don’t want to. I don’t plan on making a change to Limited so its more of a toy right now although it will see 1 match this year to try and get rid of that damn D classification in Limited.


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