Training Update: 2/8 – 2/14

This weeks dry-fire was an interesting one. I entered into week 3 of this training block on Monday and rocked it out. Reloads were going good and everything seemed to be smoothing out nicely all my other drills just seemed to click. Tuesday I got a lot of good solid work in on breaking down into the Learning Drills and trying to fine tune things.

Overall, I was feeling confident in the week and then the wheels fell off the bus. Hell the bus left the road and drove over the cliff. On Wednesday I couldn’t draw my gun, I couldn’t find my sights, I couldn’t hit the release, and to even think about finding the magwell would have been like finding the Holy Grail. Nothing went right now matter how much I slowed down. I think  the issues may have been due to fatigue and just feeling wore out.

Thursdays session got moved to Friday morning due to some family things I had going on. However, it was a good session. All the things about were back to normal. Including the semi jacked up reloads that I’ve been experiencing. I then hit the range.

Saturdays work on Field Course drills got shortened due to the cold in my garage. The drills I did run went well and was meeting the par times. I was able to get through my position exit and entry drills and shooting on the move with no shoots.

Sunday I fired up my big ol’ kerosene heater and worked on my one handed shooting along with some marksmanship drills. Everything went good and can’t complain especially since Wednesdays session was still pretty fresh in my mind. I am out of ammo so I better hurry up and get my Dillion  650 ordered.


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