Training Block Complete

Today I finished up the second run of the Stuck in B-Class training program from Ben Stoegers book. Throughout the month I focused on trying to get over my issue that I’ve been having with my reloads, and to work on my one handed shooting.

I feel that I’ve made some good strides in my strong and weak handed shooting throughout this block of training. My reloads have improved a little bit with hopes that I’ll be able to make a change shortly that may help me out with making them more consistent.

As for this week it was much of the same as the past few weeks. I focused on breaking down my reloads a bit by doing the micro drills from the book. I’m still struggling with adapting to the paddle style release of the VP9. I believe that when I miss the release its what is causing the rest of the reload to go to shit. I have been doing my 30 minute sessions the last few days with the VP9. I then spend an additional 5 to 10 minutes with the Glock working on reloads. I’ve been noticing that the reloads are smoother and way more consistent. Yes I know the thing has a magwell on it that could probably be hit by throwing the mag at it from a mile away, but its more than that. From the start of the reload everything is clicking including the release. The button is what I’m used to and what I think I need to stick with.

Being that I finished this block and I have 2 months before the first match of my season I had to figure out my game plan leading up to match season. My current plan of attack is going to be a third run at the Stuck In B-Class program. In dry-fire I’m going to keep pasting up no-shoots on my targets, continue my work on reloads and one handed shooting and extend my sessions to 45 minutes. Once I get my press ordered, ammo loaded and the weather allows me to get on the outdoor range I will be spending as much time as possible out there. I also plan on attempting to take a run at the Hardcore Training Plan  the month leading up to the first match. Gotta keep training hard to reach my goals for the year.


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