Dry-Fire: 2/22 – 2/27

This week I finally decided to suck it up and make an equipment change that may have been long over due. I have made the decision to switch from the VP9 and will be going with a Glock 17 once the local Blue Label Dealer gets to me on the waiting list. I know I could always go the gun shop and buy one but might as well try to get one cheaper. In the meantime I took my limited gun and started to dry-fire with that. The trigger will be the same as my future G17 and I will be running Dawson Sights. They main difference is with the mag well being big enough to drive a Mack Truck through. I didn’t remove it but I just might for this upcoming  week to see if it helped or hindered my training.

As for the actual dry-fire this week I upped my training time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes except for one day this week. I am still utilizing the Stuck in B Class Training Plan, with a huge focus on one handed shooting and using partials on as many drills as I possibly can. I didn’t see much of a change in my par times on Monday but my draws were feeling extremely fast and consistent. It was odd getting used to the different feeling while working the trigger but that got better as the week progressed.

As the week progressed I felt the more comfortable with the gun. It felt better in my hand and seemed to naturally point where I want it to more consistently than the VP9. I also saw some improvements in par times on several drills. My draws are hitting a pretty consistent .8 seconds, and my reloads have sped up and I feel it has more to do my prior training with a button mag release vs. the paddle than having a TUNNEL on the bottom of my gun. My transitions are looking better everyday my movement is looking better everyday.

I didn’t get over to the range on Friday like I wanted to but I did get a pound of powder. I will hopefully get a chance to run into the range on Sunday and work on some distance and accuracy stuff.  I’m thinking of driving up the road to Beacon this week to check on the conditions with a hope to maybe get out there some time in the next few weeks. I will be ordering my Dillon 650 on Monday and will be hopefully be reloading by next week, and after that I will be building some new props to maximize my range time.


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