Range Day 2/28

This morning got up and took advantage of an opportunity to trade off a gun that I decided I didn’t need around the house anymore to pick up a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 for my oldest daughter. I placed a cheaper red dot on it in an attempt to get her used to hitting a target and enjoying shooting while being accurate before adding the use of iron sights later on.

I then ran into Brookings and went on over the the range. I started plinking around with the 15-22 and got it sighted in at 25 yards which is all she will probably need. Since I had the rest out I decided to utilize that for checking the sights on the G22 since thats what I brought out for the day. It was pretty close to being where I wanted it to be from the rest leaving me with a good idea as to where I should be without the rest. I then took a few reps at doing small transitions at 7 yards on a piece of paper with 3 small rectangles. The results of that were good but was noticing that I have a slight push still that are causing my shots to go low at times.

I finished out the day working on distance shooting. I put the target out to 2o yards and would fire 10 rounds then score the paper. I was averaging 7-8 shots of the 10 on 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper laying on its side. The majority of the shots would have been an A zone hit. The ones I missed appeared to be low and missing the bottom of the paper. I figure this since I did catch myself pushing the gun down on occasion. I at least know I’m doing it some of the time and I know what it feels like so I can call it and try to stop doing it before the first match of the year.


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