Leap Day Dry-Fire!

I attempted to take the day off of work in an effort at a preemptive strike on cutting a little bit of OT for the week. I got up at a decent time and headed to the garage and started up my heater to break the chill before starting my dry-fire session. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to get more on top of tracking my practice sessions by trying to do something daily.

Today was a work on core components day on the schedule. I got my 45 minutes in while working on several different drills. I worked on my wide transitions, and on 180 and 90 degree transitions with no-shoots. My transitions are looking and feeling pretty good. My draws are smooth and fast wether my arms are at my sides or above shoulder. I am still occasionally over shooting the target and wasting time coming back on target. I got to work on snapping my eyes to the target first and allowing the gun to follow. When I’m doing that I seem to beat my timer and I’m not searching for the target.

I also worked on my reloads, and did some El Prez. I forced myself to lower the par-time on both drills by about a tenth. Was hitting them pretty good and I’m throwing less unnecessary movement in than I have been. I missed a few reloads on both drills but that was when I was really pushing for speed and not looking the mag into the gun.

I finished up my drills with one handed shooting.  I am seeing less and less movement in my sights when I’m pulling the trigger. Overall it was a good session and am seeing a few things I need to tweak as I go just nothing that is too drastic.

After my dry-fire I went to my gun room and ordered my Dillon XL650 and some of the fun doodads that go with it. I then ordered 3500 124 gr. bullets from Bayou Bullets. I’m hopefully going to have my gear set up and ready to go in a couple of week so I can start working outdoors. I’m feeling that once I start getting live rounds down range combined with my dry-fire that A Class may be obtainable early in the season.


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