3/3 Dry-Fire

Due to some family time I have missed my dry-fire sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was finally able to get out there tonight and did my core skills session that I had planned out for Tuesday. I still want to get all my planned sessions in this week so I plan on pulling a morning and evening session on Friday and Saturday. I may not be getting them done as planned but I’m still getting in the reps.

As for tonights session I started out with some Bill Drills. I struggled indexing my sights on the first few but it came to me pretty quick and I was good to go for the rest of the session. I then moved on to some work on my one-handed shooting. Strong hand was pretty good. I felt my grip was loosening up so I ended up slowing down a bit and focusing on that. By the end my grip was better and my speed was picking up. My off hand grip was great but I seemed to fumble the transfer from the draw which normally don’t happen. Maybe it was the 2 days off that threw me off.

After that I moved onto reloads, wide transitions and El Prez. All of which were good. I fumbled a few reloads but nothing like I have been, and my transitions were looking and feeling fast. I did a much better job of snapping my eyes to the target and allowing the gun to follow. I had to remind myself before every rep but it was working and I didn’t notice myself overshooting the target.

I finished out with 180 degree transitions with no shoots which felt pretty good, and with Distance Change Up. I need to work on getting my par times closer between starting on the head and hosing the other 2 vs hosing the 2 open targets from the start and transitioning to the head box. I seem to be slower moving to the head box vs. drawing to it.

My bullets that I ordered arrived to town today. My mail carrier however didn’t feel like hauling a 60 some odd pound box of lead to my door so I got to run downtown on Saturday to get them. On my way home I checked out the road to Beacon Hill to see if it happens to be passable. Its a little squishy but passable. Hopefully I can get out there in the next couple of weeks.


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