Double Day!!!

Today was the first of 2 consecutive days that I plan on doing both a morning and evening dry-fire sessions in an attempt to catch up and get my reps in for the 2 days that I missed earlier in the week.

I was up at 5:30 this morning to work on the learning drills portion of my week. I started off with several reps of slow fire trigger control. I spent a lot of time using freestyle, strong, and off hand. Strong hand I focused on getting a solid grip on the gun and not half assing it which I caught myself doing on Thursday. Off hand I really focused on the transition between hands. I worked on my reloads a little bit before moving on to some micro drills for transitions and movement. I finished out with trigger control at speed drills. I’m currently getting a draw with a sight picture in .8 seconds consistently. Now I got to do that with a target in front of me.

After work I worked on some marksmanship drills with distance draws and one handed draws at distance. I also worked on my reloads by doing both my typical reload drill and EL Prez which has dropped by another tenth this week. I also did some more one handed shooting which was stronger that Thursdays drills. I just got to keep burning down my training and getting faster. On to tomorrows short course drills and more core and marksmanship training.


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