Double Day 2

Today was a pretty good day of training. I started out the morning working on the short course drills out of the book. I didn’t work on a par-time  on half of the drills. Drills like low port, prone, prop manipulation, and working around a barricade were just trying to get comfortable with getting into position and shooting. I also worked on various starting positions for time. I don’t seem to have much of a problem with seated starts as long as my belt don’t snag the chair. My loaded table starts were looking pretty good and felt fairly quick. Unloaded table starts and picking up ammo had a few hiccups, but I was also trying various different methods and trying to burn some of them down.

After I got done with that I ran down to the post office and picked up my heavy ass box of 3500 Bayou Bullets then spent most of the afternoon with family for my youngest 2 kids birthday party.

Once I got the little ones to bed I got back to the second half of my planned dry-fire with some marksmanship and core drills. I recorded the drills for me to review in depth later. I worked on my reloads, El Prez and my on handed shooting again and all felt a little better than they had been just a few weeks ago. From the little video I reviewed I have noticed the mechanics of my reloads have gotten smoother and they look different  with less wasted movement and my draw doesn’t appear to have much wasted movement and are FAST… at least in my opinion. I’m looking forward to getting out to the outdoor range again and see where I am.


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