Mid Week Update

Looking at my previous post I noticed that it deleted the first half when I talked about my dry-fire session from Tuesday. I got busy on Monday so I didn’t get a chance to actually dry-fire so I moved Mondays session to Tuesday and used my new Glock 17. It still has the factory trigger and Sharpie modification on the rear factory sight. The session was a good one for me. My reloads were pretty good and only bobbled a few. The ones I was bobbling were due to me not felly being used to the factory mags. With my VP9 and my G22 I had bigger base pads that I became accustomed to grabbing. My transitions were looking and feeling fast and I’m seeing less and less useless movement on my draws and reloads. 

I worked on my learning drills on Wednesday morning. I worked on Burkett reloads drills to hone them in a little bit better. My movement and transitions I broke down into smaller micro drills as well and I’m seeing some more speed picking up with those as well. I was going to try and dry-fire a double on Wednesday by doing my originally planned session that evening as planned but the in-laws came over for supper and then I went to play with my reloading press and attempted to get the power measure, and seating die dialed in. I got it close and loaded about 100 rounds.

I didn’t get up this morning like I had hoped to to try and catch up on dry-fire since I was exhausted with being up several times throughout the night with my son being crabby. Dry-fire tonight didn’t happen either because I had done a bunch of reading on reloading and worked on my powder drop some more and re adjusted my crimping die. I then loaded 50 rounds of at 4.3 and 4.5 grains. I think I will need to adjust the seating die a little more to see if I can get to the overall length I want. The load data that I started with calls for a 1.125 and I’m pretty consistently between 1.127 and 1.133. I’m guessing its not enough to matter but I can be anal about stupid shit sometimes.

Tomorrow I need to get some dry-fire in. Going to possibly try a double day with morning and night but I don’t think this week will see all the reps that I wanted to get in. I will try and then try to get back to my “regulary schedueled programming” on Monday. I’m going to try to get some loads made up at 4.4 and 4.6 grains before next week so I can try to hit the range and chrono them. The hard part will be trying to focus on training and not playing with my new toy.


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