Training… What’s That?

So this week I spent more time doing the family thing and playing with my reloading press than I did on training. Every time I planned on getting out to the garage to dry-fire I got side tracked by something else. I only got in the two 45 minute sessions this week. I did however get several different loads made up to test out and I also got close to 1000 total rounds made up and ready to practice with. My work schedule isn’t looking that busy yet so I think I should be able to hit the range on Friday and get some rounds down range. 

I got the new sights on the Glock 17 today and put in a new connecter and polished it up a little bit. Trigger is feeling pretty good. I then spent some time getting my soldering iron out and getting my grip stippled to match my Glock 22.

This week my plan is restarting on this past weeks training plan that didn’t go as I had hoped. I’m looking forward to getting to the range and seeing how my combo of Bayou bullets and CFE Pistol work out of my Glock as well as how all this dry-fire has paid off. I will also need to run up to Watertown and look at getting some more powder.


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