Lets Get Back to It!

With almost a week off and a new gun in my hand I started off a little rusty today. I worked on the core skills section of my Stuck in B Class training plan. Started out with some 90 degree transitions that included some no shoots that looked like hell. After a few reps they started to shape up nicely. I was noticing my support hand doing a half assed job at gripping the gun so I started to focus on that and things started to improve even more. To allow me to focus on my grip and draw some more I moved onto some Bill Drills before moving onto my Reload drill. My reloads are much better than they were with the VP9 even though they started off a little shaky. By the end of the allotted time I was pretty much nailing the majority of them. Still need work but I’m not complaining.

I did some more work on my transitions with 180 degree no shoot targets and some wide transitions that were spaced so far apart I probably could have fit 3 to 4 additional 1/3 scale targets between them. Still need to focus on snapping my eyes to the next target and allowing my eyes to follow. If I can get that into my subconscious I will be doing good. Right now I’m not totally thinking about doing it but I do notice myself doing it some of the time and not at other times.

I did some work on my one handed shooting which was a little sketchy with my strong hand. My off hand was terrible to start and only made it to the OK level. My transition to my off hand was good and fast but the gun jut felt awkward as I held it. More time working on that it should get better and back to where I was. I finished out the session with some distance change up and some plate rack drills. Still looking at getting out to the range on Friday even if the weather is supposed to be a little chilly.


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