Taking tonight off and going to move it back a day because my shoulder has been bothering me since late on Tuesday. So far this week my sessions with the Glock have been good.

Tuesday was my day for the Learning Drills section of the training plan. I worked on micro drills for transitions and movement and was hitting my par-times and my sights were tracking pretty good. I worked on Burkett reloads and seemed to be hitting my index points as necessary. I also did a bunch of draws. Freestyle, strong hand, weak hand, both as fast as I could possibly draw the gun and get an acceptable sight picture to break a shot with a par-time and as fast as possible to get a perfect sight picture and keeping it through the shot without a par-time. Just to focus on my trigger control and draw speed. All of it felt good except for my weak hand grip which felt funny, but was better than it was on Monday.

On Wednesday I worked on my core skills again and pretty much everything looked and felt good. My transitions felt fast and my sight pictures were good. My grip through it all was tight. I did some El Prez and the Reloads drill. All my reloads were looking great. They felt a little slower than I think they should be but I’m hitting at about 80% and they actually are pretty quick as well since I’ve seemed to shave a few tenths off my times. I think I’m having higher expectations than I should at this current point in time. I did some one handed shooting and the weak had stuff is feeling less awkward than it has been. Ultimately I think its just the learning curve of the new gun.

Friday morning I’ll hit a quick dry-fire session before heading out to Beacon Hill for my first outdoor session of the season. I have about 200 rounds of test loads to check out and close to 600 rounds of miscellaneous practice ammo loaded up and ready to be sent down range. Colder weather be damned I’m going, the only problem may be if the damn wind picks up.


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