Snow? But It’s Range Day.


Got up this morning and wasn’t going to let the cold temperatures stop me from getting out to the range. I got out there around 9am at a nice warm 28 degrees out. I started out by testing some loads. 4.6 gr of CFE Pistol got me to 128 power factor in the chilly temps. I threw them up on the dash of my truck on the heater for a bit and they hit 130 power factor. Thinking I may move them to 4.7 and that should be a safe load for everything. Accuracy with the loads was pretty good at 2o yards and think it will be a good load as long as I can find more of the CFE.

I didn’t get as much in for training as i wanted to but was able to set some base times for myself on some drills. I did some Bill Drills at 7 yards. My draws were hitting around .95 to 1.04 for times so I’m pretty happy with those. My hits were really nice only throwing out a few REALLY close C’s. I did get a 1.97 but my timer only showed 5 shots. I know I fired 6 but I’m not sure what shot it didn’t pick up in the string. I was averaging around the 2.10 mark on the majority of them though so who know.

After the Bill Drills I did 4 Aces. The first few were awful but they got better pretty quick. I was getting my total times around the 2.80 mark and my draws were still in the range of my Bill Drills. My reloads were averaging in the 1.3 to 1.4 area if they went as planned. I did find myself throwing a couple of C’s after the reload on occasion as I was really pushing the speed.

I finished out with a few El Prez’s to see where I was with those. Last summer I was doing them in around 9 seconds and my hits were ok. Today all of my successful runs were 7.30 or under. By successful I mean the gun went bang 12 times. I had a couple of runs where the practice ammo I loaded up gave me fits and totally screwed me up. My best run at El Prez was my first run, 55 pts in 6.02 for a 9.13 HF. That would be good enough for a Master Class score. The rest of the successful ones were in the high B Class and A Class range.

After that I was getting cold and the wind was starting to pick up and bring in some snow flurries. The Glock 17 ran good for me one I figured out a trigger issue that popped up when I got to the range. Overall I dumped just shy of 300 rounds down range and feel pretty good about the session. Now to just keep this up weekly and start moving and dealing with no shoots.


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