Micro Drills


After my range trip on Friday I did some dry-fire that evening. I did some more work on my core skills and did some marksmanship drill out of the book. I cut the session short but still got in 30 minutes of the planned 45 so it wasn’t that bad. Saturday I changed the oil in my truck and rotated the tires since both were about 500 miles overdue. Since it had snowed on Friday night the truck happened to be covered which melted off as it sat in the garage making my floor a slippery mess. All of that would have been fine if I hadn’t planned on trying to doing quick entry and exit drills and other movement drills. I got a few of the drills in and do to much of the slipping and sliding my knee was starting to hurt a bit so I stopped for the day.

Started off the week with 2 solid days of core skill work and all was feeling good. My reloads were pretty sketchy on Monday but smoothed out on Tuesday. However ,my transitions on Monday felt great but on Tuesday they were sketchy. So I got to work on getting everything working together on the same day but that’s what practice is for.

Today I worked on breaking it down into the learning drills section of the book. I broke down to the micro drills on the transitions and movement. I wanted to try and burn down the reloads and ended up breaking those down as well into Burkett. I ultimately have to focus on doing what I need to to during a reload and not try to go faster than my muscles can currently move.

After this week I finish out this section of the Stuck in B Class plan and definitely feel like I need to change things up. I have 2 of the Steve Anderson books and really need to take the time to look at them. I think it might be beneficial to me to start breaking things down differently heading into the final 3 weeks of my off season. I have made great strides this off season and can’t wait until I can officially see how much I have improved.


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