Thursday I dry-fired as I had planned and got the full 45 minutes that I had scheduled in. I worked mostly on core and marksmanship drills working hard at getting my reloads better. I also worked on some transitions at 180 and 90 degrees.

Got up Friday morning and loaded up the truck to head out to the outdoor range. It was close to 20 degrees outside so I went to the garage and dry-fired for a bit again working on transitions, reloads, and one handed shooting. When I finally took off for the range it was a little closer to 30 degrees and felt that was warm enough for me to survive.

I got out there and set up the targets with the standard set up with about a yard between them. I then placed two 8-inch steel plates at the ends of the array. I started out doing a few Bill Drills and Blake Drills as a warm up. My Bill Drills were hanging around the 2.15 to 2.25 average mark and my Blake Drills were in the 2.60 range. My hits were mostly A’s or close C’s with a few “lucky miss” D’s when I was really pushing the speed. I finished up with some work on the Criss Cross drill. I need more work on transitions and reloads. My timer was acting funny where it wasn’t picking up all of my shots unless it was clipped to the collar of my shirt. I adjusted the sensitivity and it helped a little bit. I am going to try to replace my battery and see if that fixes it. This thing has been dropped and kicked around on a concrete floor a few times so maybe its had its senses knocked out of it and its time for a new one for use on the range and keep this one strictly for dry-fire.

I finished out with a few movement drills. I kept the array I had set up and would start on either the left or the right of the range. I would fire 2 on the center target and work out to the steel at 10 yards and run to a shooting box at 7 yards reengage the center target and work out to the other steel plate while doing a reload between positions. I did that a few times and saw my times dropping the more comfortable I got. I was focusing on trying to leave positions as soon as I fired at the steel plate. I had a lot of 1 for 1 on the steel but was catching myself pulling some shots on the second paper in both positions.

Lastly I moved the shooting box out to 10 yards and modified the drill. I added no shoots to the outward side of the target which happened to be the side of the target that I was dragging the shots through. I then would start outside the box on either left or right and engage in the same order as the first drill. I would then do the movement from Ben Stoeger’s “Quick Step” dry-fire drill while doing a reload before engaging the remaining targets. I only tagged the left no-shoot 3 times and the rest of my hits were good. I finished up with a little over 500 rounds down range. I packed up and left after policing my brass. Got to load some more ammo and probably won’t make it to the outdoor range next week with my schedule but may try to hit the indoor range on Thursday for a bit.


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