Changing It Up


After hammering away at my dry-fire for the last several months and focusing strongly on the drills and training plans out of Ben Stoegers “Dry-Fire Training for the Practical Pistol Shooter” I have started to feel a bit of a plateau. The drills are great but within the training plan they were getting a bit repetitious. With the start of my season coming up in about 3 weeks I really want to change things up.

On Saturday I just couldn’t bring myself to fully do the Short Course skills which is what I had planned and scheduled out for myself. So I started to combine several different drills together. I started with some table starts but moved onto 6 reload 6 from an unloaded table start. I had to adjust par times but I logged them so I have a baseline to work from. I had to stop my dry-fire session to go into the house for a bit while the wife left to run to the store. As the kids ate I worked on my reloads without a timer. I was really starting to hone them in before heading back out to the garage. Once I was back in the garage I started out with a seated start to a 6 reload 6 variation where I went freestyle, reload, strong hand, reload, weak hand. I’m learning that I can transition to my weak hand easier off of the draw vs. doing it after a reload. I did some up and down transitions and then finished up on a barricade/port drill where I shot around one side of the barricade through a port and then the other side with reloads between each.

Today I took the same approach to my training as I did on Saturday. I feel me reloads need more work although they are feeling much better the last few days. I started with a 6 reload 6 on wide transitions. I was missing my par time at the beginning but by the end I was hitting it consistently. I took the set up for up and down transitions, added some no shoots and set a par time (photo at top). Hit it consistently and was actually enjoying the training.


I followed it up with a plate rack with paper targets with no shoots on either side (above). My goal was to draw, fire 2 on a paper, clean the plate rack, then 2 on the other paper. The drill really made me focus on the sights and call my shots. It is a 10-shot drill that if I was in a match shooting Production it leaves little room for error for make-ups.


I set up another array (above) of targets and worked on another variation of 6 reload 6. I did 6 reload strong hand only for several reps before switching to 6 reload weak hand only. By the end of the drill I was making much better transitions to my weak hand after the reload.  I took this same array for my last drill and wanted to work on doing reloads from all positions on my belt I carry 5 spare mags but only worked on 1-4 for now since I have only used #5 in those “Oh shit” moments. I took my shooting box and stood outside it, drew fired 2, stepped into the box as I did a reload, shot 2 on the next target, stepped out of the box to the opposite side while reloading fired 2, before repeating the opposite direction. In total I did 4 reloads and worked on my movement. Total par time was 9 seconds and was hitting or beating it consistently. I feels weird grabbing my 3rd and 4th mag since I don’t do it all that often but I should occasionally train for it. I attached a video of one of my better runs at the bottom.

In all the day was good. I felt some things getting better as I progressed I plan on continuing these drills as well as mixing in some of the drills that are out of the book. I think this will give me a chance to work on linking skills together as well as still isolating some as well. Got to find the low hanging fruit and get the limbs stronger to keep it out of the dirt.


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