Makin’ Ammo and Dry-Firein’

Yesterday I kept with my plan of linking different drills together. I also worked on some Burkett reloads and did some more work without a timer. I started out the session with 4-Aces at a simulated 25 yards. I was focusing on some distance work as well as my reloads. The par-time was a little humbling but it really made me focus on taking my time with getting an acceptable sight picture at that distance while still trying to be fast.

I worked on Burkett reloads without a timer for a bit while focusing more on the consistency factor vs. the speed. I was feeling really smooth and it started to show as the remainder of the training session moved on. I did some El Prez drills with a lower par-time than what I usually run at. After several reps I was starting to hit that time. Can’t do it consistently yet but knowing I can do it is a great ego boost. I did a 6 reload 6 drill where I was using my strong and weak hand. My transition to weak hand after a reload is getting much better than it was last week.

I finished out my session working on accuracy stuff without a timer. I did some transition stuff between a plate rack and a series of targets with no shoots. My main focus was geared toward Steve Anderson’s “accuracy mode.” As I worked through the drills I felt myself speeding up but it seemed as if my sight picture wasn’t getting sloppy with speed. Accuracy isn’t a major problem for me. I know I could be more accurate, especially at distance but a vast majority of my practice has been speed focused. My speed has improved quite a bit but need to hone¬†my accuracy just a bit as well.

I didn’t dry-fire today but I did make it to Watertown to get a couple pounds of powder. I got home and loaded 600 rounds of practice ammo getting me to 800 rounds of ammo ready for practice next week.


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