Squirting Bullets

Last week I didn’t get as much dryer in as I had wanted to. Family and work put a little bit of a wrench in mix. Plus forgetting my stuff at home when I left for Pierre didn’t help either. I did do a little bit of dry-fire with my carry gun from my AIWB holster for a bit on Saturday after my training. When I got home on Sunday I worked on reloads while I waited for supper to finish cooking. All in all the reloads were feeling much better and I think working without the timer has been beneficial.

Today I left work at about 2 to try and flex a few extra hours. I decided that since I had all my range gear I would just head out there for a session. I worked on a lot of transitions and accuracy with speed. I did some work out to 25 yards and realized that I need to work on that a bit. Since my last range session I have picked up a little more speed. My draws are a pretty consistent .95 to 1.05 at 10 yards and I was hitting my reloads on 4 aces and El Prez at about 1.3 to 1.4. I’m still fucking up a few here and there but I’m hitting the vast majority. I set up a mini stage and worked on shooting coming in and out of position with no shoots. As I progressed through the drill my hits got better as I became more comfortable.

I finished up with “Call It, and Leave It” drill, or at least how I remember it from the time I heard about it. I had my 8-inch plates at 10 yards and the shooting boxes about 7ish feet apart. With the par-time set for 10 seconds I started and was making quick hits with minimal misses. I loaded my mags up to what I would have in a match so I could possibly have to do a reload between boxes. I could make it between boxes about 6 times in the 10 seconds. All I can say is steel is an unforgiving bitch and this drill makes you work. When all was said and done I dumped a little over 600 rounds down range in a little over 2 hours. Gun is shooting good but I need to do some research as to why several of my rounds appear to be tumbling.


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