No More Tumbling!!

Well after today the only tumbling I hope to see is my brass as I’m processing it. After Mondays range session I was a little disappointed with my accuracy at 15 and 25 yards. Part of it was my belief that the impact of the bullet vs. my front sight were not where I want it.  The second part of the equation was my belief that I suck and need some work at it. I did however start to notice a bunch of tumbling rounds and after talking to Jon I adjusted the crimp on my press. I loaded up 300 rounds and gave it a go today at the indoor range since the wind is blowing hard enough to send my kids little tike playhouse rolling across the yard.

I was able to hit every shot I made at 2o and 25 yards with great accuracy. Slow fire typically resulted in a fist sized group and Bill Drills were mostly A’s with some really close C’s. I tried to run my timer but the damn thing it about ready to retire. I would fire 1 shot and would show a string of 4 – 5 shots. I have tried to adjust the sensitivity but it either goes to where it picks up its own beep as a shot or no shots at all. Still works for dry-fire so I’ll keep it for that. As for the ammo I think the crimp was effecting the accuracy so I will just have to burn the rest of the ammo from the old batch on hoser drills next week.

After the shooting I worked on some Bill Drills and 4 Aces at 7 yards. Again my hits were great. I have a slight tendency to throw a really close C after the reload. I forgot my belt so I was doing loaded and unloaded table starts and the reloads from the table.I was really focusing on good hits but also trying to burn it down a bit. Wish I could of had my timer to see where I was but things felt smooth as they were and I really didn’t feel slow. I finished out with some group shooting on 2 inch circles.

As for dry-fire this week I got in two 45 minute sessions this week on Tuesday and Thursday. I plan on trying to get another one in tonight after the kids go to bed and then try for everyday again next week. I will also try to get back out the the outdoor range again on Friday. I have a little over a week before the first match and I’m excited to get back to it. I’m already signed up and squadded for the match and I hopefully  won’t be too rusty on match performance.


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