Dry-Fire Update

 Link to video.

Didn’t get time to dry-fire on Saturday with daddy daycare taking place in my house. I then seemed to have picked up a mild flu bug that took out me and my 3 year old for about 12 hours. On Sunday I got in a nice 30 minute session that revolved a lot around reloads and strong and weak hand shooting.

Monday I ended up spending an extra couple of hours at work being held hostage by Jon as we talked shooting. By time I got home and the kids in bed I couldn’t make it out to the garage.

Today I was able to make it out for a 20 minute session after supper.I started out with a double Bill Drill working a reload in between. My reloads were feeling REALLY GOOD so I took the opportunity to record a few. I had a 4 second par time and it was actually taking me closer to 4.5. I did some movement work and some variation of 6 reload 6 with 3 targets at 7 yards simulated and 3 more at 15 yards simulated. I finished out with some work on shooting head boxes.


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