Match Season is Here!


Tomorrow starts my 2016 season and I am a little excited. I’ve spent a good portion of my week dry-firing and even had a pretty productive range trip. My dry-fire consisted of a lot of variations of 6 reload 6. Open targets, no shoots, wide transitions, you name it I probably did something close to it. I worked on changing focus between targets that were simulated 7 yards then 15 yards. Along with some strong hand and weak hand variations I think it was a pretty well rounded week. I still need a little bit of work on speeding things up but everything it much better than it was last year at this time.

Friday morning I ordered a new shot timer since my PACT timer has been giving me fits. Friday afternoon I shot into town and hit the indoor range again. The wind outdoors was a little bit too much and didn’t want to spend the time messing with my targets falling over all day. I took the ammo can that had the remaining rounds from my over crimping learning experience and shot a good portion of them at 7 yards. I was seeing some accuracy issues that didn’t exist last week and several rounds that did tumble. I did a lot of reload work and short transitions to small targets. I did Dots at 5 yards and my times were all good but I failed the drill at on dot 3 by throwing 1 and dot 4 by throwing 2. I tried the 1 inch dots  with no time limit and the best I could do is 6 out in 23 seconds. Through all of this my timer must of felt remorse for screwing with me the past few week because it started to work and wasn’t picking up extra shots or shots from others on the range. Finished out Friday night with some dry-fire reload work and will try to get out there again later today for some more dry-fire.




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