April 17, 2016 Match Review

Yesterday I participated in my first match of the 2o16 season. I had a goal to shoot to my current skill and make minimal mistakes. Minimal is the key word in this equation. I got there early and walked all of the stages and made my game plan. I strapped on my gun and was ready to go.

I started on with stage 1. Many of the other shooters started with the 2 targets on the left before moving onto the Texas Star. I choose to start there and had pretty good confidence going into it. I started out good and ended up having to make a few make up shots. I didn’t get into position on the next 2 targets like I wanted and lost a little time there. I bobbled the hell out of my second reload and ended up getting to my position before I completed it. I then end up having a light primer strike before racking the slide and finishing with it locked to the rear. I took 3rd in production on the stage and actually shot more points than the other 2 guys but I ended up about 2 seconds off their pace with my few fumbles.

Stage 2 was the classifier “It’s Not Brain Surgery.” I didn’t get this filmed but not like it turned out amazing anyway. My table start was good and then I took aim at the first head box and saw an “acceptable” sight picture…. thats if it was a full body target and not a head shot. I realized as I transitioned to the second head box that I missed both shots. Shot an A and a B on the remaining 2 targets in a 5.69. I realized as I was showing clear that it was comstock and actually made up the 2 shots but it was too late.

Stage 3 was created by another shooter in my same division. I had a couple make up shots on the beginning steel and shot a little slower that I wanted to to begin. My reloads were a little sloppy but not terrible since I was still moving on them. I finished out clipping a no shoot that was near the drop turner target causing me a miss on the turner. I took second on the stage and would have taken 1st without the penalties and any scoring hit on the tuner.

Stage 4 was a pretty good stage. I had a few too make up shots that I wish I didn’t have. I also clipped the perf on a no shoot. I need to work on getting match guy a little closer to speed guy on the open targets. I am seeing the sights and waiting a little more than I need to before breaking a shot. Another 2nd place on the stage.

We ended up skipping to Stage 6 since another squad messed with our mojo, again no video on this stage. I was one of the last guys to shoot and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to do something that nobody else tried. I figured that in theory I could clean the plate rack at 20 yards vs the short distance that others were taking it at. My thought was I could move less distance and shoot it faster. I started out GREAT on the steel cleaning the first 3 plates. Then the little bastard Over Confident came out to play yelling “speed up!!!” Ended up going into slide lock as I hit the last plate. everything after that went as planned until the last 2 targets. I thought I called a miss as I left the second to last target and though I gotta go back for a make up as I made the mile long transition to the last target and ended up shagging a D as went back for a makeup shot (that I didn’t need). Ended up 5th on the stage but I didn’t care too much. I tried something different and it didn’t work out.

Stage 5 was probably my best stage of the day. the stage pretty much consisted of moving the whole way with a lot of targets hidden behind shit. My reloads were on point and my feet didn’t stop moving. I had the second fasted time of all production shooters and finished 3rd on the stage. Only .089 hit factor separated 1st to 3rd.

Overall, it was a fun match and I got some rust shook off. I feel I did much better than last season and if I can eliminate the mistakes things will be much better.I finish 2nd in production and 15th overall. I did spend a lot of time filling in on the timer and score keeper but still had plenty of time to visualize the stage before I shot.



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