.13 Splits? Umm Yeah….


So today I tagged along to the range with Jon and one of the new guys for his initial firearms training. I had the plan of qualifying on my Glock 19 that happens to be my EDC gun so I can have that as a carry option at work. I have shot about 600 rounds through the thing since I got it back in December and the only modifications I’ve made was a aftermarket connector. Until today the gun has run flawlessly. Today however it appears that it has acquired a connector issue and was running out some awesome split times although that wasn’t good since I wasn’t in control of them. I ended up leaving the gun with Jon to see if he can get it figured out. Otherwise I’ll just put the factory connector back in. Good thing we noticed it.

Dry-fire this week had been productive. I’ve been doing a lot of different 6 reload 6 variations and also working on my distance. I’ve worked on strong hand and weak hand and both are looking pretty good. I’ve had to slow down my par-times a little bit to focus a little more on a sight picture. My reloads are getting better and seem to be hitting them consistently at about a second. Been incorporating movement in to a few drills with some pretty decent success. Highlight of the week was coming into my shooting box hard while reloading and stepping on the edge causing it to slide violently across the floor. I did some moves that could possibly win Dancing With The Stars, BUT I DIDN’T GET HURT OR BREAK THE 180!!!

Got a plan to dry-fire a lot this upcoming week. With the Multi-Classifier coming up in Omaha on May 1st and the Super-classifier on the 15th at Sioux Falls I my focus on the first 12 drills out of Steve Anderson’s book a bit and try and hone in a little bit more on classifier skills.

I’ve also added a few additional matches to my summer schedule since work has kind of afforded the additional opportunity. They approved me to go to a 2 week long training in the Des Moines area, and I discovered that the local club in the area had weekly matches on Tuesday nights that I should be able to make since the range is only about 20 minutes away from where I’m staying and then they will be holding a match on that Saturday as well that I will make since I will be remaining in Iowa for the weekend. If I make all those and the 2 locals at home I will shoot 5 matches in 15 days. I may have to bust out the limited gun for some of it to break things up.


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