Damn Head Boxes

On Friday I got up in a cleaned up the garage from the winter clutter making more room to move around for my dry-fire as the summer moves on. Once the temps got a little warner I loaded up and took off for the range. I grabbed my Glock 19 from work and placed the factory connector back in and fired about 100 rounds through it. It did not have an issue with anything I threw at it. 

Once I got started with my training session I started out with a few reps on Bill and Blake Drills. I was still using the remaining 300-ish rounds of bad ammo that I had loaded up but it should work for most of the 7 yard stuff. I am still hanging in the 2.35 to 2.50 mark on the Blake Drills with the occasional close C. I finally hit a 2 second Bill Drill…. well kind of. I made 2 seconds flat with 1 C that was key holed just outside the perf. I was still making most around the 2.10 mark. I moved on to several attempts at dots. I can consistently make the time but am throwing some out. I need to slow down and focus on the sights to get my hits. I have plenty of time to spare and I can get them all in time if I allow me to slow down and use the time to my advantage.

After the classifier last week with headshot at 10 yards I decided to make it a bigger focus of mine to work on my accuracy on small targets at distance. I went on to distance change up and once the “bad ammo” was gone and went to my good stuff I started to make the head box at 15 yards consistently vs. missing most of them at the beginning. I was making times around 3.40 to 3.60 pretty consistently. I seem to have A, C, hits on the right target wether i’m starting there, ending there, or it being my middle target. I’ll need to get that to stop but it was a good learning of what I need to be doing on the targets.

Finishing up I did some more dots and worked on Criss Cross. I started to notice that I couldn’t hit shit anymore and my hands were hurting. I then noticed my rear sight was kicked over just a bit. So that may have been the issue. So after I noticed that and just a tick under 900 rounds through the pipe I cleaned up and headed home.

On Saturday I got my new order of bullets from Black Bullets International before I went to Sioux Falls for the day. Once I got home I went to and made some changes to the press and loaded up a few rounds. I’m gonna try to sneak out to the range for a while this week to check the accuracy of the new rounds and dry-fire like crazy.


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