Quickie Post

This week has been a busy one thus far. I worked on the drills from Steve Andersons book on Sunday and Monday. As I worked through them I was finding that my times were getting quicker and quicker. I decided to focus on the drills from his book a little more since this Sunday will be the classifier match at Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters and with the limited time I felt I was going to have with getting ready for my sisters wedding and wrangling the family this would provide the best bang for my buck while working on some low hanging fruit.

Tuesday and Thursday just didn’t have enough hours in the day to get to the garage while Wednesday was a abbreviated range trip. I fired off about 300 rounds and was working on accuracy at distance with my new BBI rounds. I think they are slightly more accurate than the Bayous. Biggest thing  was to make sure they were accurate and that my sights were back on target after they went for a walk. I got a bunch more loaded up and ready for Omaha on Sunday .

I found the classifiers that I will be running this weekend and all are pretty much what I’ve been practicing this winter. There is a lot of strong hand and weak hand only, hands above shoulders and even an unloaded table start. I’ll just have to relax and “shoot to my current level of skill.” If I do that I should be fine with the classifiers that they have, since the paper is 10-yards or less and the farthest I have to shoot is 15-yard Poppers. Oh an it may be in the rain.

Going to try and sneak in a dry-fire session later on this morning and again tomorrow morning before I got to put on a damn tux.


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