Training Update 5/7/16

This week didn’t go near as planned but it was still overall a decent week. I’ve been a busy worker bee trying to get the items on my honey do list. I didn’t get out as much to dry-fire as I wanted but still got in enough to make me happy-ish. I also made some modifications to my reloading bench by adding a PVC pipe chute to take my newly created rounds to a bucket under a bench.

In my garage I can get out to a true 7 yards if I take up the whole length. I decided that I wanted to try full size targets for a while. I have done a ton of draws, turn and draws, Burkett reloads just to wok on the fundamentals. I have been doing my 6 reload 6 variations. I’ve noticed that my one-hand grip is a little sloppy so I need to tighten that up a little bit more. I really focused on speed on a 4 aces drill and Overall, my draw is good and my reloads are on point if I focus and do what I need to do. I’ve been liking the added depth perception that the full size targets add. would be even better if I could get out to 10 yards. I may have to get some different scaled targets to get a little better mix.

I tried to get to the range on Friday. Got loaded up and drove out there to set up and realized I forgot targets. I only had the time for a short session with a few appointments that I had late morning/ early afternoon so forgetting the targets kind of put a kibosh on the trip. I will get out there next week and am hoping to actually get out there twice. I am signed up to run Production and Limited in the Classifier Match so I’ll try to get a few rounds through that as well.


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