Super-Classifier Here I Come!!!



This week has seen me preparing for this weekends super classifier. I haven’t dry-fired as much as I wanted to but I still got in a bunch of work on the core skills and I also got some pew pew time in as well.

Like I said earlier I haven’t dry-fired as much as I wanted to this week. I made it out to the garage for 20-30 minutes on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Seeing it in writing doesn’t look that bad but I wanted everyday. I focused a lot on full sized targets at 7-yards doing 6 reload 6 variations. I also worked on some isolation of specific skills. My draws are feeling good and seem to be speeding up. I was hitting the majority of my reloads and they felt really smooth. I was hitting the Burkett reloads at a pretty consistent .6 seconds. I Even threw in a few reps of stuff with the Limited gun  as well since I will be shooting that on Sunday as well.

Thursday I got invited out to Beacon Hill with Jon to shoot with a local pastor who puts on a “God, Guts, and Guns” match. It’s really informal and has minimal rules but was still a good time. I got my carry gun from concealment for the match. I struggled shooting at the beginning but ended up shaping it up at the end. Finished out seeing how fast I could draw and get a shot onto a A/C piece of steel at 15-yards. I was averaging 1.6 seconds to get the hit. I was practicing my draw on occasion but should throw that in more often and try to speed that up.

When I woke up today it was raining and cold which prevented me from getting to the range this morning and doing what I wanted to do. After my daughters school program I shot into town and hit the indoor range. I did a few runs at 4-Aces from a table start and reloads from the table. I also did some Bill Drills before taking a few attempts at dots at 5-yards and failing. I then used another sheet of dots and worked on 6 reload SHO, and 6 reload WHO. I had the target out at 5-yards and my hits were not terrible but they need some work.


Tonight I cleaned some guns to get them ready for the weekend. The Glock 17 has had approximately 2,000 rounds through it since it was last cleaned because lets face it who likes to clean guns. She was filthy but now she is shiny again. Maybe I wont wait as long next time, but I ain’t making promises.



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