B Class?

Shot the Superclassifier today at Sioux Falls Practical Shooters. I have a good day with a few hiccups here and there. I shot it twice with the goal of making it into B class for production and up my Limited classification as much as possible.

Match 1: Production

Steely Speed VII (06-10)

I shot this classifier in Omaha a couple of weeks back and today I beat it.  I ran it in a 5.52. I had a make-up shot that killed my time a little bit. I did take the stage win in Production with that time so that was a plus.

Triple Choice (99-47)

AND I TANKED IT. I shot it in a decent time but I threw 3 misses on the stage and too many C’s and B’s. My Hit Factor was so low that I’m guessing that it will be thrown out. I just need to work more on my strong/weak hand only shooting.

Raw Deal (99-33)

I rebounded on this stage and shot it pretty well. I raced a little more than I should have and dropped a few too many points. I still took 2nd in my division on the stage and pulled off what should be a high B-class run.

Times Two (99-10)

Great stage until Mike came to visit. I nailed my draw and my reload between boxes. I tried to be ready to shoot the moment I entered the second shooting box. I did everything as I had planned but didn’t wait that split second for the sights to settle (although I thought I did) and I threw that miss. If that was a C hit I would have had another solid B class run.

Front Sight (99-23)

Great stage and great hits. Could have shot it a little faster cause I felt slow and like i was waiting for my sights. This stage has a crazy high hit factor but should still be a solid B – class run.

Based on my calculations I should have made it into B-class at approximately 62.03%. I took 13th overall and 4th in Production. I did what I could to stay relaxed and not worry about the classifications which helped a lot. After this match I got out my Limited gun and went to town.

Match 2: Limited


Triple Choice (99-47)

Drastic improvement from the first match. I took the stage win and only threw one miss on the head box. Wish I could have shot it a little faster but I’ll take it

Raw Deal (99-33)

As I was getting ready I heard Jon say something about 5 seconds. My mind clicked in and said I had to shoot it in that time. I didn’t make the time but I shot a stage win again and damn near nailed an A-class time.

Times Two (99-10)

Much cleaner this time and I waited for my sights to settle on the entry into the box. Took stage win number 3 and another solid B-class run.


Front Sight (99-23)

When all is going so great them little fucking Gremlins must always come out to play. Again this stage has a crazy high hit factor so you need to be blazing as you go through it. My turn and draw was great and then the gun goes “bang” “click”. I got the malfunction cleared and finish out the stage. I checked out the round that went click and the primer was dented worse than a Prius that had been rear-ended by a Hummer. I guess those Gremlins are unpredictable little bastards.

Steely Speed VII (06-10)

Boy did I make this look GOOOOOOOOD!!! The Classifier Gods shined down on me again for this stage. Had a couple of make up shots but they didn’t hurt me that much. I shredded the stage in 4.19 seconds and pulled off another stage win with another run that was knocking on the door to A-class.

I finished out the match with the Overall win. I accomplished my goal of beating Jon in a match this year. Now, I had to jump to limited to do it, but we were both shooting major so I’ll take it. I now have to do it in Production. As for my calculations I have easily moved into C-class and it appears as if I have missed making B-class in Limited by a whopping .066%. I may have to shoot limited one more time this year and hope for the best.


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