I Got to Get Back on the Wagon

This past week has been pretty uneventful. Frankly the last few months have been. My dry-fire has dwindled down and I haven’t been hitting it as much as I had been all winter and my workouts haven’t been going as planned due to time constraints. Now that the garden is planted and all the landscaping projects are caught up I will be able to focus more of my time on my goals.

I only got to dry-fire on Tuesday, Wednesday, and for about 15 minutes each day on Friday and Saturday. I also got about 400 rounds loaded up.

I made it out to  the range on Friday morning with a huge goal on accuracy. I did several reps of the dot drill at 5-yards and couldn’t quite clean it. I was having some issues with my grip getting too lax and I learned that I may be gripping too much with my strong hand. It will take some more work through dry-fire to try and train my grip a little bit more. I also worked on the Ron Avery dots. I did this at both 3 and 5-yards. one inch dots with 3 rounds in each dot with no time limit. This drill was really easy to see where I was screwing up and where the low hanging fruit is. I also worked on a few Bill Drills at 25-yards was having great hits but a little slower than I wanted to be but I think that just had something to do with the tempo of the practice.

My goals starting this week it to get back on the wagon with cutting a few pounds. I plan on getting in 3 strength training workouts and 3 agility/sprint workouts a week before I go to work. I will then get back to my 30-45 minutes a day of dry-fire 6 days a week taking off Sunday for rest or matches. Fridays will continue to be live fire days and plan on trying to make a consistent mix of speed, accuracy, and match mode for the dry-fire and live fire sessions. I set a goal for A-Class this year and I’m going to have to push hard to make that.


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