Blood, and A LOT OF SWEAT


Last week I took a whack at my finger while I was screwing around using a knife to cut something that I probably shouldn’t have, the Doc glued it and put bandaged it up but my constant use of my hands keeps breaking the wound open. I have since busted it open on my reloading press, and have pretty much bled all over my gun the last few day while dry-firing. 

My dry-fire the past few days has been good. I spend much of my session Monday working on accuracy and trigger control. I did the Avery Dots dry and then did strong hand and weak hand on the 2-inch dots. I then worked on Burkett reloads before moving onto 4-aces in “accuracy” mode. I kept finding myself pushing into speed mode and struggled trying to slow it down.

Today I worked on more of a match mode pace doing 6 reload 6 variations. I also worked on some movement drills with shooting on the move and entry and exit drills. It happened to be hotter than hell in my garage and I was covered in sweat. I kept finding myself wiping off my head between runs making my hands wet and screwing with my grip. It’s looking like the skull caps will need to come out and I will also need to get some grip enhancer product.

I have so far kept to my goal of getting up at 5am the past few days to workout and back to my proper eating. Monday I did some upper body strength training, with today being a mile run followed by several short sprints. Tomorrow will be a leg day with Thursday focusing on agility drills that will include cone drills and “suicides” on the school playground across the street. My plan is to modify them to simulate gripping the gun coming in and out of position as I change direction.


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