Training Harder

Last week I began adding back in a workout regimen to my dry-fire practice. It has been a tiring encounter this week but oh so worth it. Worked out Monday through Friday last week taking Saturday and Sunday off. Got in some form of dry-fire every day but Thursday and Sunday.

I have already briefed on my Monday and Tuesday in my previous post so I won’t bother boring people with that again. Wednesday started out as a leg day in the morning with me spending some time on some 6 reload 6 SHO and WHO before working on some shooting on the move. I then added some no shoots and worked on my accuracy a bit. All my drills were feeling good and my reloads are hitting pretty good.

Thursday I went across the street to the park for my workout. I worked on agility and sprints. I took my small orange plastic cones and paced off 10-yards between them and made a square. I used this set up to work on my explosive speed, acceleration and rapid controlled deceleration. I focused on staying low as I came into the next cone and acquired a “sight picture”. I tried to keep my right hand as close to the shooting position as possible, I also focused on trying to reacquire a grip and be on a target (car, tree) that I had picked out before stopping and exploding a new direction. Was good but I may need to borrow a blue gun from work or buy an airsoft and paint it orange so I don’t freak out too may people. After I got home from work I loaded up about 600 rounds before running out of bullets and having to take my oldest to tee ball.

Friday was another strength training day and followed by taking my youngest to the doctor. Dropped him off at home and went back to town to donate some plasma which will help me buy some new guns and a few other things to support my shooting addiction. I planned on going to the range but after the 3 hour initial process for plasma I decided to decline since I had some honey do stuff to catch up on. I still snuck in a quick 20 minute session after supper.

Saturday I got in a quickie session after I got home from the OAC of SD for my RSO training. Now that I’m an RSO my winter training will be able to include more live-fire so that will be a good thing.


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