Well this week hasn’t gone according to plan. Monday was a good day with getting in a good solid upper body workout and some dry-fire between sets until my arms became jell-o near the end. I also threw in an evening session once I got home from the farm with the family. AND THEN……

Tuesday morning happened to start out decent. I planned on attending an Active Shooter Response training that evening so chose to go to work later. I slept an extra hour and got up to work on my agility drills. About 3/4 of the way through I slipped in the wet grass and my back started to ache shortly after. By the end of the day my back was screaming and I couldn’t move or walk.

I made it to the chiropractor on Wednesday morning and was told my L5 slid forward and pressed up against a bunch of nerves that were causing the pain in my back and the leg muscle issues. After an adjustment I’m better but will be going back in today to tweak on it a little more and get some “shock treatment” thing to help knock out some if the inflamed muscles in my back.

Needless to say I have not been able to workout or dry-fire since. I’m hoping I will be good enough to go for the club match on Sunday and better be good enough for the Vogel Training in 2 weeks.


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