Match Review – June 5, 2016

Well my back healed up enough to allow me to shoot yesterday. Still a little stiff and sore but was able to do what I needed to do for the most part with minimal preparation the week leading up to the match. This match was a little light on competitors compared to the typical match lately but most of my usual competition was there. My goals for the match were to limit the mistakes/mikes, fluid movement between positions, and trying to keep the gun in a shooting position upon entry.

Stage 1:

I shot this stage according to my plan which was different that pretty much everyone else on my squad. Most people left the mark and went all the way to the left end of the stage and worked their way across. I chose to solve the problem from the middle and work out to the left before hustling all the way across the stage. I had a slight problem remembering my stage plan and forgetting the order I was going to shoot the targets. For the most part the stage went well but I felt I was waiting too long to shoot as if I was in accuracy mode in the early part of the stage.

Stage 2:

As usual the wheels seem to fall off during one stage and this was the stage. This stage was NOT FRIENDLY to production shooters. There was not really a good way to shoot this stage so I went with what I felt was smoothest. From the moment I picked up the gun I couldn’t seem to get a grip on the gun. I knew and felt my grip slacking but no matter how much I told myself to tighten it up it just wouldn’t. I then felt a downward spiral occurring and i don’t remember seeing much of my sights and calling my shot wasn’t happening. I ended up throwing 4 mikes on the stage. If I hadn’t had those and had minimum of C zone hits I would have done much better on the stage.

Stage 3:

I had to put the cluster fuck run behind me and got ready to continue. On this stage I gripped the gun harder and my shots all hit the target. I had a slight hiccup in my stage plan again and I hit a few too many C’s for my liking but it was a decent rebound.

Stage 4:

This stage was all steel and went about as well as I had expected. My grip was good but I just tried to move too fast.

Stage 5:

This was my best stage of the day. I shot a little shower than I felt I should have.Still took second in Production but felt pretty good about my movement between the first 2 shooting positions but took me a moment to get going on my way to the last position. I accomplished having the gun up and ready to shoot once I settled into position.

Overall I just wasn’t feeling this match like I should have been. I think mentally my mind was dejected due to lack of practice and the presence of the injury from earlier in the week. I found myself not visualizing the stage before hand like I normally do which I think was the cause of the vast majority of the hiccups in the stage planning. I NEED to get out and practice more and more to tighten up my accuracy the next few weeks leading into the training with Bob Vogel in a couple of weeks and to be ready for the next club match in 2 weeks.


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