More Hours Needed…

Boy have I been busy! The past few weeks have been a constant theme of doing about everything but training. Between volunteering at the OAC and helping coach my daughters t-ball team a couple of nights a week I seem to be losing my motivation by the end of the day. I have finally got back to my workouts in the morning and can probably find time to dry-fire after that. Hopefully the Bob Vogel training this week can rekindle my “don’t give a shit I’m gonna find time to dry-fire” mentality that I had a few months ago.

Now to a few new notes. I shot my first GSSF match on Saturday morning and holy hell was it not. The match didn’t start out on a good note. I shot with my Glock 19 and had a squib round and finally a failure to feed on my first stage I was irritated and just kind of started to shoot pissed. Not sure where I ended up but I’ll take what I can get considering its my first time shooting the match.

I will be possibly adding first person video to my match videos. That’s as long as I can figure out my mounting options before hand. Last week Jon acquired a new GoPro and I took over the old one that was on loan to him. It will be interesting to see my shooting from that position after the fact but I look forward to it.


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