Vogel Class

On Friday and Saturday I attended a training in Sioux Falls with Champion Shooter Robert Vogel. I was hoping that I would pick up a few new pointers and tweaks to my current ability that hasn’t been there before. It was hot as hell on Friday and on Saturday we had a little bit of a reprieve in the morning until the sun came out making it again miserable.

On Friday we got there at 9am and ready to go. We started off with him doing some talking then moved onto some simple group shooting which is probably his way of assessing the skill level of his participants. I instantly got something out of the class in regards to my grip. I have had a few issues with my grip from time to time, but I just couldn’t seem to to get it as tight as it needs to be to control the gun like I need to. Once I focused on the tweak that I was given my groups and control tightened up nicely. Now I just need to drill in the grip during dry-fire. I was also pushed out of my comfort zone on my speed. I ended up setting a few new personal records on. I finally got a draw under a second, a Bill Brill in under 2 seconds.

On Saturday we started out with some more group shooting out to 25-yards. We then repeated at 25-yards and tried to get as many hits into the A-Zone as possible. We worked on some additional stuff and I ended up setting a personal record on the El Prez with what would have been a 94% run. In the afternoon we did some work on stage planning and running stages before finishing up having some fun with a Pro-Am style stage. I had the option of filling my mags to capacity but decided to remain true to my production division.

Overall the training was well worth my time and the damn neat 1000 rounds I sent down range. I have got my motivation back and know what I need to work on. I have been trying to work on a few things that aren’t quite necessary for my current level of skill while slacking on other things. Time to take my new tools and get my ass to work.


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