June 19, 2016 Match Review

I’m finally getting through everything and got my match video up this morning before I left the house. After 2 days training with Bob Vogel I wasn’t sure if I was going to feel up to shooting the match. I’m glad I did. This is so far my best match to date. I’m not sure if that is because I had spent all that time shooting or if things are really clicking. I made a more conscious effort at planning my stages and trying to do near full speed walk through on most of the stages. I put more focus into my shooting and the hits followed.

Stage 5:

This is the stage that I volunteered to design and set up. My laziness got the better of me so I didn’t try to be too elaborate and went for more of a speed stage. I also could have made the no shoot on the last array a little tougher. On the first array of targets I took too much time to shoot them being as they were wide open. Middle set of targets I went 1 for 1 on the mini-poppers and didn’t tag any no shoots. My movement was good and I hit all my reloads. I only dropped 1-C hit. I need to work on shooting faster once I see my sights I need to find switch in my brain that will just allow me to let it go once I have a good picture.

Stage 6:

I went with a game plan that Jon and I talked about before hand and it worked out as planned. I dropped a few more points than I wanted to but with all the hardcover and no-shoots it was to be expected an quite a few people dropped that many or more. My time was decent. Yet again I could have been faster but I was waiting on my sights a little more than I think I should have been. I saw what I needed to see but i just couldn’t engage my trigger finger with the speed I think I should have been shooting at.

Stage 1:

I had a little bit of an advantage on this stage being that I shot a modified version of it on Saturday during the Vogel Class. The way it was set up for the match however made it so you had to run back and forth across the stage. My plan was to shoot the first popper that activated the swinger on the opposite end of the stage and then race across the stage to shoot the other popper/activator for the swinger on the other side of the stage. This is where I dropped the ball and had my first programming error. I completely shot past the spot that I could shoot the popper and had to come back. I struggled with all the steel and not getting them as efficiently as I needed to and when I got to the last swinger it had slowed down so much that I had to wait on it and just killed my time. I really should have shot it through the last port I was in since it had a better angle on it.

Stage 2:

Programming error 2.0. I realized at the last second that there was a spot where you could shoot the same target twice so it wasn’t 2 different targets like I had originally programmed which would have eliminated that last reload that I did. I tried to reprogram it but once I started to shoot the stage I engaged the target twice. I realized it as I was shooting it but it was too late to do anything about it.

Stage 3:

This was a speed stage that had a turn and draw to warm up for the classifier. I got the draw done and the reload between boxes no problem. I should have stayed low once I entered the box and not stood up. I lost a lot of time not blazing through the wide open targets and standing up like I did. I came about as close to tagging a no-shoot as I could without actually hitting it.

Stage 4: Melody Line (99-08)

Turn and draw…. CHECK. Good shooting cadence…… CHECK. Grabbing mag from belt…. CHECK. Dropping old mag from the gun…. ummmm yeah, about that. I don’t know if it was due to a little dirt on the mag or me tilting the gun too early that caused the mag to not drop free and get the hell out of my way but I found myself with my mag in my hand ready to go into the gun but the old one still partially hanging there. The reload probably cost me about half a second of time, but I still pulled off a solid run. According to AZ Shooters it should figure out to about 67%.

I took 10th overall in the standings and took 2nd in Production. I shot 80.58% of the Production winner which is the closest I have ever been to Jon in the standings. I need to work on my movement some more and work on building the confidence with breaking the shots as soon as I have a sight picture vs waiting on the “perfect” one.


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