Stealing Time Where I Can

Last week consisted of dry-firing in shorter sessions whenever I can. Five minutes here and there is still helping out. There have been times where I don’t even put on my belt and just do some table starts from the 55-gallon drum in the garage.  I’ve really been focusing on my transitions this week and being ready to shoot once I have an acceptable sight picture. I need to speed them up since I felt that I spent too much time staring at the sights making sure the picture was perfect. 

Didn’t get to the range last week like I had planned but its not a major deal since I’m out of powder and short on ammo. I do have a line on a couple of pounds of Tight Group but gotta wait until payday. I plan on getting a few rounds worked up on Thursday night since I haven’t loaded Tight Group before. Then I will get out to the range early on Friday morning to chrono them before running the last minute errands before heading to the lake and camping. Just got to make sure I get a good load for the powder before Great Plains and either same some of my CFE rounds or quickly load some before Sundays match.

Next week I gotta keep going on the dry-fire when I can and try to get a good session in on Friday next week and maybe a little bit of work when I work at the OAC on Wednesday.


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