Practice – Friday July 1, 2016

Got up and out to the range at 0700 on Friday. I had the plan on working on my transition speeds since based on my last match I felt that was part of my speed problem and that I am waiting on too much of a perfect sight picture. I agree with Jon when he says that it my be that I need to break my cop mentality. I also think that I just need to learn to see faster which will come with time.I also planned on getting the new loads run through the chrono since I switched powder. 

My loads up until now have been 4.6 gr. of CFE Pistol behind a 125r BBI bullet. I had some of those with me and found out that those were making about 139 PF. When I checked them earlier this year they were around 131 PF. Amazing what a much warmer day will do. With the Tite Group at 3.6 gr. I was making 133 PF. Good enough for me and they were running nice and accurate as well.

During the rest of my training session I worked on trying to speed up my transitions. I did several Blake Drills , El Prez and Vice Prez. My splits slowed down a little bit compared to where they have been in the past (.20 ish.)  but they were matching my transitions. I ended up around a .25 split for both. I just need to continue this in training and also in matches. I was able to hit several of my Blake Drills in the 2.10 to 2.15 range. My El Prez times were really good and made several high A class and Master class runs. My reloads are some more low hanging fruit that I will need to drill in.

Great Plains Section is coming up and I am really looking forward to see how I stack up with stiffer competition. Also I plan on picking my dry-fire up more than I’ve been able to lately now that my oldest daughters schedule is mellowing out.


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