Match Review – July 3, 2016

I finally have found the time to get this done. Sunday I took a break from my camping trip to shoot a match. I have since been busy with some family stuff as well as loading some ammo for the Great Plains Sectional next weekend. As for the match I didn’t feel as good about it as I felt I should have because I felt myself make a few programming errors. I took 2nd in Production again and 16th overall which may be a little bit lower than last week but we had a lot more heat to compete with this match than we have had most of the season so far.

Stage 5: Quickly II (99-13)

What a way to start a match. Cold on a classifier. I had shot this classifier when I was in Omaha back in May so it was nice to see how this would compare. I threw WAY to many Charlies on the stage but my time was decent. I bobbled my reloads a little bit and most of my Charlies were almost A’s. The way it was I made what should be about a 62% run.

Stage 6:

From the classifier we went over to Stage 6 in the same bay hot. This was a Virginia Counts speed shoot and I took the division win on it by default when Jon shot too many shots. My hits were good and I was a little slower due to having to wait on the swinger.Overall it was decent but I know I am lacking.

Stage 1:

Holy Charles Frank. This stage was a memory stage from hell and there was several ways of shooting it. I had a few hiccups and forgot what I was going to do next a few times. I also threw a D zone hit and clipped a no shoot that was barely peaking out. I was way off pace time wise and need to work on shooting and moving faster.

Stage 2:

Good stage but again slow. I only dropped 7 B/C zone hits and a lot of good A’s. I felt for the most part my reloads were good and my movement was decent. I just need to be quicker out of the gate. I had a major hiccup getting into the array on the far left of the stage. I got the reload done but didn’t have the gun up and ready to shoot when I wanted it. I then got the sights on target and felt something under my foot thinking I missed my spot and was over the fault line so I looked down only to see I was fine and just killed my stage time.

Stage 3:

Almost a great run.Coming into a opening I went in too deep and smacked my gun off the wall which didn’t help my flow through the stage. Only dropped 3 Charlies on the whole stage.

Stage 4:

Started out great then had a programming issue at the end. I for some reason I shot the array in a different order than planned because I saw the target first and not the popper. My movement was decent but was doing too much standing up getting into position.

Overall it was a good match for me. I again took 2nd in Production behind Jon. My movement is getting better but my splits and transitions are slowing me down big time. Comparing my times and hits to others in Production I am way slower than them and I need to get on my horse a little more and get my split times down. I could also work on eliminating some of the Charlies.


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