I NEED a Case Gauge!!

the-look-of-joy-on-this-man-amp-039-s-face_o_3115727I have officially loaded up all the clean brass that I had the other day. Yesterday the brass fairy arrived aka USPS. I was waiting to get a 5 gallon bucket of brass from the local indoor range but its a slow time of year so they really didn’t have much and I was in a dire need. I went to Centerfire Brass and ordered 5000 cases of 9mm. From the looks of it I may have gotten more than that so I’m happy with the shipment.

The dry-fire the past few days has consisted of short sessions focusing on pushing down par-times on Blake Drills, 6-reload-6, and 4-Aces. My schedule has been busy with t-ball, work and family events that that is about all I can get in. My plan is to get back to my daily 30 to 45 minutes within the next week and to try and finish the season on a high note. I really need to get a written schedule again so I can hold myself more accountable. I should also re-arrange the Dojo so I have more room again.

I plan on hitting the range Friday morning to prepare for the Great Plains Section this weekend and some dry-fire in the afternoon before heading to the farm to see some of my wife’s family that came up from Texas.

I got all my ammo ready for the Section match and again told myself the whole time I need a Hundo. I have been putting it off and after dropping 500 rounds one at a time into the barrel of my Glock the temptation to say “fuck-it I’ll take my chances” was overwhelming. I think that will be my next purchase once Ben Stoeger Pro Shop gets a blemished in.


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