Great Plains Sectional

This weekend I shot the Great Plains Sectional Championship Match down in Omaha. It was a good match with good stages although it was hotter than hell. I didn’t take any video after I had forgot to turn on my GoPro for the first 2 stages and felt that maybe it was for the better to allow me to concentrate on the match. Ben Stoeger who is currently the National Champion in Production shot the match so I got a great opportunity to see how I actually stack up compared to the “best” in the nation.

Stage 2: Shaky Knees

22 – A’s
8 – C’s
2 – D’s
35.53 seconds4.1092 HF

A good start that could have ended poorly due to the damn swinging bridge. My shooting was on and I didn’t drop too many points. I had practiced my entry onto the bridge several times and was able to keep the shaking to a minimum and remain balanced. While running the stage I didn’t set up like i wanted to and the movement of the bridge threw me off of my point of reference. I knew that there was 2 targets on my right through a port and after i shot the one I started to transition to my right to get the second. I felt myself get close to 180 and realized that I was off my mark and had shot the second target first. I spent a lot of time looking for that target and it killed my time. I took 20th out of 36 Production shooters on this stage.

Stage 3: Smoke’em

25- A’s
3 – C’s
19.88 seconds
6.7404 HF

Great stage that felt fast and smooth. After my reload I shot at the 2 targets on my right and didn’t like the sight picture on one of my shots so I went back to make it up which I didn’t need to do but I felt that it was safer than sorry. That extra shot put me into slide lock for my next reload and into slide lock to finish the stage leaving me no room for error but it worked out for me. I finished 10th of 36 in Production.

Stage 4: Quickly

6 – A’s
2 – B’s
1 – C
21.88 seconds
4.2962 HF

I need to work on steel. I am a fairly accurate shooter but I seem to struggle with steel. I need to shoot more of it with confidence and make my hits 1 for 1. I didn’t do that and my time suffered a bit. I still took 12th in Production so It wasn’t that bad.

Stage 5: Full Throttle

19- A’s
7 – C’s
47.84 seconds
3.4699 HF

Big ass stage with a lot of running. I started out great on the stage. I watched a match video from a Master class shooter and saw that I shot it exactly like him, until after the swinger. I did things a little differently. That combined with screwing the pooch on steel again added to my cluster fuck of a time. All my misses and slide lock reloads really added to my time and dropped me to 19th in Production.

Stage 6: Where do I go?

14- A’s
16 – C’s
38.92 seconds
4.0596 HF

Charlie came out to play on this stage and mixed with the plate rack and the poppers this was not a good stage for me. I started out on the paper and my movement felt good and I was hitting all my marks. I got to the plate rack and the poppers and had a few make up shots and I knew I would have to do a reload to finish it out. I finished the plate rack and thought my gun was dry. I took my support hand off the gun to go for a new mag and noticed I still had a round. I took a one handed shot as I brought up my mag and made the hit. I don’t know if it really helped me out but in my mind it was kind of cool. Took 20th on this stage. Then went to lunch.

Stage 7: Ports, Ports, Ports

16- A’s
9- C’s
1 – M
32.4 seconds
3.6111 HF

AND MIKE comes out to play. First stage back from lunch and it wasn’t pretty. A few too many C’s and then Mike showed up on one of the targets. The only thing I can think of is I started to move too early. I just know I need to work on stuff and shot calling is one of them.

Stage 8: I go which way?

16- A’s
13- C’s
1 – D
41.7 seconds
3.9568 HF

Well the shit continued. This time it was malfunctions and a Texas Star. The stage seemed to be doing smoothly until I got to the port for the star. I had a round that didnt go “bang” and after clearing the round the gun stove piped twice. The only thing I can think of is that the front sight was hitting the port because my stupid ass was sticking it through the port which I know not to do. Dropped to 21st on the stage.

Stage 9: Mini-Mart (CM99-21)

8- A’s
2- C’s
1 – D
1 – M
7.33 seconds
5.0477 HF

Classifier stage, threw a mike, fucked up my reload and had a bad index on the far right target. I pretty much fucking sucked.

Stage 1: Drive By

27 – A’s
1 – C’s
24.3 seconds
5.8848 HF

Way to pull my head out of my ass to finish the day. It felt really smooth for me and didn’t seem to have much for hiccups. Took 15th in Production on this stage.

In summary I finished 19th of 36 in Production and 74th of 129 overall. I felt really down on myself and my performance upon looking at the results. I then decided to break it down a little more to try and find the positives. I compared myself to Jon and noticed that I was only 14% below him. The Production winner was Ben Stoeger who is a Grand Master and National Champion and I shout 56% of him. To me that showed that I was shooting about where I should be as per my current level of skill based on my classification. I shot a ton of A’s and had a fairly low number of C’s and D’s compared to as normal. My shooting is still slower than hell and me shooting steel needs work. I’m going to consider this a good baseline for future major matches and get to work.


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