Evaluation and Planning

The last few days have been spent on reading up on a few things and taking a look at what I want to accomplish for the remainder of the season. I have dove back into a couple of books with a goal of working on my mental game and setting some new goals. One thing that I took from the Bob Vogel class that I have yet to utilize was something that I had read in Lanny Bassham’s book “With Winning in Mind” this past winter. I have now created my own Directive Affirmation statement. I have several copies that I have hung up in various places where I will be seeing it several times a day. I will have to continue to read the book to get the most out of it as I hammer down.

I have also started to read through Steve Anderson’s book “Get to Work.” I will be creating my new dry-fire plan and implementing it immediately. As for last night I worked a couple of hours at the OAC and when I got home I finished the de-clutter project on the dry-fire Dojo and got a brief dry-fire session in focusing on one of my weak points. The primary goal that I have set for myself to finish out the season is to dry-fire 30-45 minutes a day. With that level of  focused dry-fire I should be able to make one of my secondary goals of making A-class by the end of the year.

I also have a goal of dedicated live-fire at least once a week to work on the deficiencies in my shooting and shot calling. I will be focusing on speeding up my transitions and splits. I will also be focusing on doing so while being as accurate as I can be. I seem to be losing time during my stages with my splits and transitions and that needs to stop but I don’t want to sacrifice accuracy. Live-fire will help this and I need more of it.

Tonight will consist of the last tee-ball game of the season, dry-fire, and possibly some reloading. Range trip at 0700 Friday morning and more prep for the match on Sunday before I head off to Pierre for a week of Firearms Instructor School.


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