Friday Practice

Yesterday I got up and out to the range by 8am. I thought I had everything I needed and then realized after I pulled my steel plates out of the truck that I had left my paper targets leaning up against the wall near the door. I had a headless target that was still in my truck that I didn’t get to shoot on Wednesday so that became my lone paper target. I only brought about 300 rounds with me and I had a little bit of a plan to primarily work on my transitions and steel shooting. 

I started out the session with a few Bill Drills and 4-Aces. I hit a 1.88 second Bill Drill dropping only 1 C that was just a cunt-hair to the left. My reloads were sucking as the mags were hanging up in the gun. I noticed this last week as well at Great Plains Section. I  cleaned out the magwell, cleaned the mags and sanded out the rough edges and worked on the mag release as well. Most of them are dropping now but not quite how I want them.

I then went on to transition work. I had my steel plates sitting out at the farthest out points of the the bay with the paper in the middle. I did different variations of the drill starting on the paper then shooting the steel or working left to right or right to left. I was slow to begin and was missing the steel more than I wanted to. I started to learn what I needed to see and was going 1 for 1 on steel and my times were dropping fairly steadily. I was able to hit 2.5 with a clean run and was steadily below 3 seconds with one miss on steel. I saw some of the improvement I was looking for which was a plus. Now to keep it up and continue to work on my dry-fire.


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