Match Review – July 17, 2016

This morning I was busy making sure I had everything I needed in the truck before I left for Sioux Falls. After the match I headed back to Brookings to pick up a patrol car and headed out to Pierre for a week full of pew pew to  become a firearms instructor. Once I had everything I think I needed I took off. On the way down the clouds look like it may be a wet match but once I was there it cleared up and the humidity picked up. I set a few goals for myself to accomplish during this match and overall I came close to them.

Stage 5:

23 – A’s
1 – B
8 – C’s
1 – NS
25.31 seconds
5.2153 HF

Good stage until I hit the no shoot on the 3rd array. I made a downward transition and squeezed off the round just a tick too soon. I noticed it and made it up. Finished out the stage as planned and my movement and reloads were fairly smooth as well. Took 3rd on this stage.

Stage 1:

13 – A’s
5 – C’s
35.08 seconds
3.5633 HF

Damn you Texas Star. Some genius decided to make us count out number of shots on different targets and then throw the star in the stage as well. I had too many make up shots on the star as usual but I’m getting better at the damn thing. I feel like I took too much time shooting the distance targets that required me to thread a bullet past no shoots but i didn’t hit them and my time wasn’t terrible. Like I said the star killed me dropping me to 5th on the stage.

Stage 2:

18 – A’s
4 – C’s
23.90 seconds
5.3138 HF

Stage had a disappearing swinger on it. I chose to shoot it and Jon decided not to. He ran the stage about 2 seconds faster than me. I shot the swinger but its not like it cost me that much time since I had the ability to activate it and shoot another target so I wouldn’t be sitting still waiting on the swinger. It was overall a good stage and I took 2nd on it.

Stage 3:

11 – A’s
2 – B’s
4 – C’s
1 – D
45.79 seconds
3.5816 HF

Not really a production friendly stage but I set a plan that I though was the best option and with the exception of dropping the D zone hit and a few to many makeups on the first plate rack it was a good stage. executed as planned and took 2nd on the stage.

Stage 4:

21 – A’s
3 – C’s
27.07 seconds
4.9501 HF

Good stage. I shot it as I had planned minus my splits were SLOOOOOOOW. I also had a light primer strike that added about 2 seconds to my time. I need to keep up my splits like I had earlier in the match but I think it was because I was about done for the day and kind of went auto pilot.

In conclusion this match was a good match for me. I took 2nd in Production shooting 80% of Jon and took 13th overall. I had a few minor hiccups but I’ll take them. I told myself that I was going to go 1 for 1 on steel all day. That didn’t happen but I had fewer make up shots on them than I had in the past. I know the whole steel thing is mental and I need to keep telling myself “it is like me to go 1 for 1 on steel.” Keep saying it and I’ll eventually believe it enough for the performance to follow. Besides that goal I accomplished the goal of shooting at least 80% of Jon. My last goal was to shoot at least 75% A’s. I came really close with 74.78% of my shots on paper being A’s. I am working on the mental game more now than I have been and the dry-fire and live-fire are picking up again. Only have 3 matches left for the season but I want to end this out on a high note.


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